Burn For Burn, Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

To those who are up to no good, beware. Because just like what I’ve quoted from thia book says, “Karma’s a bitch.”


Okay, so I have to say that this book actually did entertain me. Burn For Burn is one of the few Y.A lits I’ve read about revenge. It’s amusing enough as a book, so maybe a movie version won’t be so bad.

The story is about three girls, not exactly friends who want to get even with some people who did them bad – Kat againts Reenie over some issues rooted from their earlier high school years, Lillia, being an over-protective sister against Alex, and Mary against Reeve, who bullied her in the seventh grade. There secretly plotted their revenge, and as everything goes smoothly, it suddenly went bad with Reeve.

I am just a bit weirded out about Mary, being able to have some sort of superpowers which was not specifically mentioned. I am about to read the sequel so I hope it could be cleared in the next book. I liked the way Lillia and Kat think. Mary must have been holding something back, because she became full of regret after what happened with Reeve. Her history with him actually reminded me a bit of Daelyn Rice (By The Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead).

I am not that crazy about revenge (though I am clearly entertained with this book). But plots like this have a lot to say to the readers about getting even, the real value of friendship and the consequences of the actions we make. Reading this book will make us think twice about how we treat other people.


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