He’s Almost Here… Am I Ready?

This morning came as a surprise to me, because when I opened my Bible Diary, it’s emblazoned with purple.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent.

I was surprised, and I went, “Already? I haven’t even started setting up my tree.” Indeed, I was a bit excited preparing for Christmas. I want it to be extra special, and so I began planning on Christmas gifts to be given away to friends and family early in November. Besides, who can’t help the excitement of this season? But as I read through today’s gospel, I remembered that there is something more important to be prepared than those of the items on my Christmas list.


Ang Adbyento ay panahon para tayo ay maging mas malapit sa Diyos at para pahalagahan ang ating kapwa. (Advent is the season to be closer to God and value the people around us.) This is what the priest says during his homily. In all of the excitement of Christmas shopping, both for gifts and for the Christmas dinner menu, most of us forget the true meaning of this season. Sure, all the traditional ways to prepare and celebrate this holiday is important, but it would be far better if we are also prepared to welcome the coming of Jesus Christ and our salvation. Attending Sunday masses is an old school way of getting closer to God, but then maybe we could increase our prayer time and instead of asking Him for the Christmas gift, maybe we could also listen to what He has to say. Personally, I sometimes feel bleak moments when I pray, moments when I feel like the well of my spiritual being dries up. In times like this, I try to search for cmfort in His words through the bible. I may always be alone, but not really.

He’s coming. Am I ready? (Photo courtesy of http://www.deviantart.com)

And so, am I ready? As the Lord comes, are we ready? I don’t know if I am. I mean, I haven’t asked myself if I am ready to value all people around me. That means not only my family and friends, but also those who have hurt and offended me. Am I ready to be extra nice and forgive them? Am I ready to accept them in my life all the same?

I don’t really know if I am. But I am praying to God for His grace and help, that soon enough, I will be.


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