My Journey to 30

I was about to write my 2015 resolution list, when it came across my mind that I would be thirty by 2016. There are a lot of things that I wish I could do, and I thought that if I want to accomplish most of them, might as well start now.

So let’s call my project “Beth’s Journey to 30”.

IMG_20141128_124758 - Copy
I just felt so creative.

Be a church ministry worker. This isn’t as impossible as it sounds, since my roots are all in the parish where I currently belong. I used to be a Youth minister, but somehow I felt that my spiritual life was drying out. I became an officer in the Evangelization ministry but it didn’t work out because I am usually physically incapable to be present at meetings. Now, there is a newly established ministry, Social Communications, which requires news writing and social media updates, for the parish newsletter. We already had our very first meeting, actually. What I am trying tp accomplish here is to stay in the ministry and be a useful servant of the Lord.

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Publish  a non-fiction book. I already have a book, a romance fiction that’s gonna be published this year (watch out for it this December), but what I would like to do is publish a non-fiction book. I already wrote If Only, my very own personal experience of being intubated (you can read about it on my Download’s page), and I am hoping to get it published.

Start a small, online business. I already have a business in mind – a clothing line. Since I love to dress up, I would very much like to turn it into business. Can you help me come up with a name? 😀


Learn and speak a foreign language. I already have background in Spanish, so this shouldn’t be too hard. I just need to have it mastered so I could read Noli Me Tangere in the original language it was written.

It’s either I use my book, or download an app.

Go to places I’ve never been. May it be within the country or out, it doesn’t really matter. As long as it’s a good place to be.


Be a stockholder. This shouldn’t be hard, either, especially if I already have started with the business. I have a friend who could help me with this. Maybe he could help you too. Just visit him at

Spend more time in girl bonding. This should be easy. I just need to clear my day from not-so-important stuff to be with my friends.

Read more self-help books. Honestly, being a bookworm that I am, my bookshelf doesn’t have so much book of this kind. May help me to understand myself more.

Do charity work. This one’s a bit tricky, because right now, I am the charity! Lol! Anyway, online stuff is so powerful that maybe I could lend help just by clicking away. 🙂

Find out who my true friends are. This, I think is the hardest of all. I might have already found two or three, but still, I never know.

I know I should not just stick with what my list says, but definitely, it’s a good starting point to do something meaningful with my life.


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