Then and Now…

They said that parents may go, but you can never have siblings again… I am not sure if I got that right, I think it goes for sisters.

Thing is, I never had sisters. I only have a brother, though, just one. We never get along so well when we were kids. We’re five years apart and out interests were never the same. While he was so fond of Japanese cartoons, I was crazy about MTV. Time flew by. We both finished college. I took political science and he took fine arts, and is now a layout artist of a prestigious publishing company.


Who would have thought we could go as far as we have gone now? I mean, all of our parents’ dreams for us were somehow realized. We were never the type of family who’d eat with a golden spoon, yet both of us finished college and became professionals. I think that only goes to show that everything is possible if you claim it, and with the help of God.

Now, as I pursue my dream of being a writer, I have my brother as my own personal layout artist! He was the one who designed my book cover, which turned out to be pretty amazing. I shall post a picture of it here once it has been approved by my publisher.


See? I have been questioning a lot of things in my life, yet there are still things to be thankful for, and they are actually more than a handful. God is always good.


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