An Early Christmas Treat

10583942_760739363988362_261336603901096149_nIt’s already less than two months before Christmas, but though I could already feel the cold Christmas breeze in my face, the one that just makes you smile for absolutely no reason at all, I still think it’s too early for a Christmas present. But I guess, if something’s meant to happen, it is going to happen at the right time. Not too early, not too late.

So I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline yesterday when a private message pinged my inbox. It was the publisher that I have spoken with months ago, to whom I submitted a manuscript for publication. He approved it, but I had to wait for the contract and the finalization of the printing, until yesterday. So sitting in my email inbox was the contract that I needed to sign. That’s one step ahead, right?

I am pretty much excited for this, as would no longer dub myself a frustrated writer, because I would soon be a published writer. I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to pursue my dreams, but like I said, maybe it’s meant to happen this time. I’d finally be seeing my passion come to life, and I thank God for this opportunity He has given me.


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