The Heart and Soul of an Outstanding Comedian

It is not really in my interest list to watch T.V., let alone glue myself in front of it and wait for a particular program. But then, in past few weeks it seemed to be able to lure me. I can’t exactly say that it’s bad, because it entertains me, especially since my internet connection’s been down so low. So anyway, I have been watching this noon time show, It’s Showtime, and I should say that the laughter it brings to the audience really makes a big difference.


But this day was different. The Magpasikat portion, which is a part of their 5th year anniversary celebration, all the hosts are required to perform and compete with each other (in a friendly way). It was Vice Ganda and Ryan Bang who were assigned to perform today, and I just couldn’t stop my tears from falling. No kidding! I mean, Vhong and Jong’s performance was also superb, and it made me kind of envious for the fact that I have yet to find a friendship of my own which resembles theirs, but Vice’s performance excelled, and it found a way in my heart that I will remember, always.

There are a lot of things that I’ve learned in that heartwarming performance. The song lyrics was about acceptance, hope and love of God. It is absolutely true, that no one could ever judge us, because in God’s eyes, we are all the same and equal. As for acceptance, isn’t it a wonderful feeling to know that you are loved and accepted no matter what you are? There is no greater feeling than the sense of belongingness, of knowing where we stood, and that there is a place in this world that was meant for us to be.
I love the way they [Vice and Ryan] gave hope to those who might have been ignored and unappreciated at one point in their lives. It was just a few minutes, as fleeting as it was, but it became the most meaningful and memorable. How many of us can have that opportunity, to feel like we are on top of the world, even just for few minutes? But they made it possible. There is hope, for everyone of us. It may not be the same as that kind of opportunity, but there will come a day when we could tell ourselves, “I don’t have a reason not to be okay.”

Honestly, it was not the performance that I’ve learned to expect from Vice. But it was waaaayy too better than what I was waiting for. Behind those smiles, behind the jokes and the laugh, I realized that there is a deeper person within. I am not a fan, and I know that a lot of people isn’t, but I am sure Vice definitely earned this respect I believe he so well deserves. So congratulations, and kudos, Vice and Ryan!


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