If You Can’t Change It, Use It

I set aside my books this weekend, to give way to my almost non-existent social life. My best girlfriend is finally getting married, and we decided to meet and talk about her plans, and also, to catch up. It took us this long to meet, because of my unpredictable condition. Thankfully, I just felt better and so I immediately called and tell her that we’re going out this weekend.

It was such a wonderful feeling, to be able to see a friend after a very long time. And what’s more, we went to this restaurant I love so much, and for the first time, I was able to use my disability card. I cannot change the fact that I am incapable of so many things, and God knows until when I will be like this. But I am still thankful that there are still ways for me to turn it to a blessing. I got discounted price for my meal (which is superb), and so I was able to have cupcakes too.

Real girls eat!

Elle Woods have said (Legally Blonde 2), “If you can’t work with it, change it.” I’d say,

“If you can’t change it, use it.”


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