Pardon me for not updating this blog for almost a week. The past days were not really as busy as they seemed, it’s just that my computer crashed! Thankfully, everything is fine now, and I just can’t wait to spill out what’s on my mind.

I’ve finished a couple of YA lits, and right now, I am reading the final book of the I Heart Series. I’ve yet to make reviews for them, I figured it would be best if I would do that once I’ve finished the entire series. So I would just talk about the YA books. I’ve read this books, and at first I thought there wasn’t a connection in any way (being written by different authors and all). It was only when I decided to write about them that I made the connection – on how to deal with being forgotten.

falling into placeFalling Into Place

Another suicide tale, Liz Emerson decides to die because she thinks that her life doesn’t count and the world doesn’t deserve her. Being the bully that she is, she effectively ruined the life of some people her age. She has quite a reputation, being this drunk and problem kid. What people didn’t know is that behind these action is a vulnerable girl that drowns in the silence of her home, as her mom is being overwhelmed with grief upon her dad’s death. It was just so heartbreaking that she has to go through deciding suicide before her mom notices her. Sometimes, as painful as it is, we are bound to notice the things when it is already too late.

the chance you wont returnThe Chance You Won’t Return

This is a no suicide story, and it strongly reminded me of Julie Anne Peter’s Define Normal. Alex Winchester’s mom is suffering from delusions that she thinks she was Amelia Earhart. Although it somehow helped that she found it easier to confide to her mom being Amelia than being her Mom, the reality hits her, that there might never be a chance for her mom to remember her at all as her daughter.

Being forgotten isn’t really the theme of these two books, but it was what struck me the most. I just can’t imagine how painful it would be to be forgotten and taken for granted by someone I knew and hoped and expected to be always there for me. It also made me realize that somehow, I need to do something to show my appreciation to those who have always been there for me, before it’s way too late.


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