The Espressologist

Is it really possible to tell the personality of a person through his or her favorite coffee drink? What if he or she has a variety of favorite coffee drinks? What if he or she is a coffee snob?

The title of this book made it interesting for me (and maybe for all the other big coffee drinkers out there). the espressologistAll throughout my reading of this book, The Espressologist, I kept my eye out for Jane (the main character who was dubbed The Espressologist) to mention of my favorite coffee drink, and see if the description of the drinker somehow matches with my personality. Toffee nut latte used to be my standard coffee (which happens to be Cam’s, Jane’s classmate, favorite drink). It wasn’t clearly stated though, what qualities does a toffee nut latte drinker have.

Match-making through favorite coffee drink is quite fascinating. I don’t know why, but there is something romantic about talking over cups of coffee. Maybe the coziness and the warmth? I also find the irony of Jane not being able to find a match for herself, when she had clearly matched more than fifty couples quite acceptable. It’s like giving an advice to a problematic friend, when you can’t really apply those advices to yourself. It sometimes suck, and so I always try to do what the elders would say, “Practice what you preach.”

The twist of the story is quite a change in the typical dark YA lit that I’ve been reading. And though I should say, the ending was quite predictable, I didn’t expect that it would be told that way. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to fall in love over cups of coffee in this cute novel. Or basically to just anyone who wants to believe that love is always possible for anyone! And maybe one of these days we’ll bump into each other and decide maybe we could talk about life over cups of coffee. It’s double tall hot caramel macchiato for me.


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