An Open Letter To Whom It May Concern

PhotoGrid_1412929306287To whom it may concern,

I pray that you’re fine if this letter happens to reach you. Not only for that day, but for the many days and weeks and months and years ahead of you. With all that you’ve been going through right now? I wouldn’t know if you really were okay then.

I know this will not be the first time for you to read or receive a letter coming from someone like me. Most people say just don’t bother. A little letter just like the many others before this didn’t do anything in the slightest to change things. But I always stand with what I believe. Maybe the reason why I bothered is because I care. For you, for the people around you, for myself.

Things that I have been hearing were all the same – same old stuff that’s been going on even before your time came. The saddening part is, they are becoming worse by the second. A lot of my Facebook friends are late for work because of the heavy traffic. A public official is being accused of corruption. Another public official allegedly denies corruption. There are broken trains, energy shortage, sky-rocket prices of basic commodities, crime and violence. I am not saying that these are your fault, and you will never hear me say it. But you are the most powerful and influential person that I know of. And I know for a fact that you know what’s been going on. Maybe you are thinking of the best strategies to address these stressing issues, or maybe you don’t really know what to do first. Six years is not enough to fix the problem that’s been going on for so many years, but really, if you would ask me, I’ve never felt any difference, except that everything has becoming worse. I’m not sure why is it more important to spend hours and hours disproving a seemingly good public official than to talk about other alternative solution for the energy shortage aside from burdening the consumers of a seemingly impossible to pay electric bill. And I don’t even see the urgency of defending a clearly corrupt public official, as opposed to the MRT problems we have, that clearly jeopardizes the safety of the countless commuters.

I don’t want to prolong this letter by writing all of the admin’s disappointments point by point. I know and I am pretty sure you already know them by heart. What I do not know is, if you really are doing or even planning something to do with them. Time is ticking by. Please act now before it’s too late. You are in that position because I was one of those who trusted you. I believed that you would make a difference. I had thought that we will all be better. Please don’t fail me, along with the other millions who had counted on you just like I did.


One of your Bosses


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