Way To Go

When I decided to build this blog, all I had were personal reasons. I wanted to be heard. I wanted to write. I wanted to conquer the world through my words. It’s not easy to maintain the site, and there are times when I don’t really know what to write anymore. My everyday life isn’t as exciting as it could be, but I always try my best to see the beauty and the positive difference in the monotony.

Turns out that I would be grateful because of this decision [of having a blog]. I recently reactivated my Odesk account, and see if I could get a part time job. I mean, how bad can it be? I would be glad to do something I totally enjoy, and if be blessed, be paid for it. It’s a dream job of everyone right? And so I added the link to my portfolio and applied for an online job.

Venn Diagram of the Things that Keep Me Busy
Venn Diagram of the Things that Keep Me Busy

So this is the diagram of the things that keep me busy these days. Looks promising, right? The pay won’t begin to cover a lot of expenses (like I said, it’s part time), but I could really use the money to the big plans I have in the future. I need an extra cash to have it started.

The Lord is always good. I may be sick, or broken, or what, but He never leaves me alone. I know He was with me all along, guiding me to create this blog and eventually use it as a ticket to a small thing that who knows could be great.


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