Chick Lit Clicks: I Heart New York

As I have noticed not so many days ago, my bookshelf has been oozing with new books, and most of them are YA lit. I’m not sure about the reason why I like them so much, well, maybe they always make me feel young at heart. And so I decided to update my reads, and maybe upgrade it a little bit. Now, I’m telling you. There are lot of things in life that I have been missing, is what I’ve suddenly realized.

i heart new yorkI came across this book, I Heart New York, and it turned out that it wasn’t really a bad decision that I picked it up. Angela Clark is just the bravest – if not the most irrational fictional woman I’ve ever come across with (uhmm, maybe aside from Anastasia Steele on the irrationality department). But then I guess, there’s a lot of things that a broken heart could make people do. Imagine flying across the continent, leave your friends and family behind just because you wanted to get away from all of it! I’ve done the “getting away” part a few years ago, but just out of the town and just a couple of days. Seriously, Angela Clark is now my new hero!

The dilemma of a real grown-up woman is there, as Angela is caught between going home [in London] and getting a real job as a staff writer for a magazine (which happens to be her dream job as well), and staying in New York to be a blogger and have no idea exactly what kind of life the Big Apple has to offer. It’s fun and adventure and challenges versus stability and security, and honestly, for someone like Angela who has been in what she thought was a serious relationship for ten years, I daresay, she just merely existed. In the end, New York has given her the opportunity to live her life in independence, and to follow her dream of becoming a writer while having fun.

The love angle of the story can’t get any better. I have already voted for Alex the first time he popped up into the scene. Maybe because I like the fun type of guy (not to mention that he’s a member of a band) as oppose to the serious banker type that was Tyler. And though I would prefer to be pampered and treated like a princess (dinner at a nice restaurant sounds so posh), a little bit of adventure and street food dinner would be very much appreciated. I can’t help but remember Mandy Moore’s movie Because I Said So and Reese’s Witherspoon’s This Means War as I read the scenes that involves Angela’s comparison between her two men.

I also loved the fact that there she met a wonderful girlfriend, Jenny, who became her confidante during her confused times. Strangers at first, they hit right off, and Jenny turned out the very kind of person that Angela needs while she is in the middle of a foreign city.

I can’t count on that much with the ending, as this book is a part of a series (there are still five books sitting on my shelf which would complete the series). This is the kind of book that you would like to bring with you on a weekend rendezvous, and I’m just so excited to read the next book, I Heart Hollywood.


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