Pinoy Horror Classic: Maria Leonora Teresa

It’s been like forever since the last time I watched a movie, and so I decided to do so this morning for a change. I have been reading the whole night last night and maybe it’s a good idea to take a break. And so I picked Maria Leonora Teresa, a Pinoy horror film. I should probably say first thing that Ms. Iza Calzado did a magnificent acting, just like she always do in all her films that I’ve seen. I am no fan, but she’s just pretty great.

maria leonora teresaMaria Leonora Teresa is a horror film about parents whose children were killed as their school bus crashed while on an educational tour. Insanely broken and in mourning, they were offered a sort of professional help by Dr. Apasible, who claims to be in the field of experimental psychology. He said that his dolls were to help the mourning parents cope with their loss. I couldn’t say more on this (I am trying to avoid spoilers! Ha!) but then, the movie, I guess is about acceptance of loss, witchcraft and revenge.

I almost quit watching, honestly, because at first, I thought it would just be full of rubbish. I mean, who would be in their right mind to accept a talking doll as a “replacement” for a child who died? But then, I wondered, it could actually happen in real life. There are some people who just couldn’t get past through the depression stage of losing a loved one, let alone a parent grieving for his or her dead child, that they would be ready to accept any kind of help just to relieve the pain, no matter how crazy, unbelievable and illogical it may seem. It’s the weakness that they acquired through the pain and hurt that makes them vulnerable to take anything, as suspicious as it was.

Witchcraft is another thing that made me wonder, is it really that powerful? I know a close friend who was a victim of witchcraft, and so I’m not sure if I don’t believe it. Philippines is rich in these supernatural entities and folklore and myths, and some of them may actually be true, but maybe not to the extent of creating such a powerful dark magic that could make a doll kill people. I know, I know. Writer’s imagination could really go that far!

It was a good thing that I’m all about commitment (wow! big word!), and therefore I committed myself to finish the movie. It turned out in the end that it was a crooked plan of a vengeful parent, whose kid was killed in a school accident. It wasn’t even that scary, as far as horror films go, and I didn’t go on a screamfest, just like my cousins and I always do on the early Shake Rattle and Role films. It’s more a suspense film, I guess. And the ending wasn’t quite agreeable for me either, because that just meant the evil didn’t really meet its finish.

It wasn’t the greatest Pinoy horror movie that I’ve seen, but definitely not that bad. Like I’ve said, the actors were amazing. Give it a shot. šŸ™‚


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