Tease: I Think Emma was a S*ut!

teaseI have read a lot of YA books about suicide, but Tease definitely makes a difference. By the Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead was written in the suiciding party’s point of view, so more or less I understood the victim’s pain of being bullied, especially since the victim really does nothing except for the fact she was being born (the suiciding party was a girl named Daelyn). Same with Thirteen Reasons Why. Although Hannah Baker was already dead, it was discussed in the novel on the reasons why she killed herself. Even Jenney in My Beautiful Failure tried to seek help from the suicide hotline. This time, though, this first person narrative is coming from the point of view of one of the bullies – Sarah.

The story was well written. In fact, I got emotionally affected by the situations the characters are being put into. Okay, so a pretty girl commits suicide, but I just don’t get it why other people has to shoulder all the blame when in fact, it was Emma’s decision to kill herself. And seriously, I don’t get the point of involving the courts, filing lawsuits and accuse people of pushing me Emma over the edge. I personally think that every one of them is a victim.

Brielle and Sarah. They were the only girls who were constantly mentioned in the blatant bullying of Emma. From the creation of a freakin’ FB and Twitter accounts, to the Valentine’s card which bore Emma is a slut to the snide comments they make whenever Emma is just within earshot, clearly, they meant to make Emma’s life a living hell. And these started even before Emma “stole” Sarah’s boyfriend, Dylan, which made everything else worse.

Dylan. Man, he knew. He knew Brielle and Sarah could be mean witches whenever they want to, especially towards Emma, so why didn’t he just stayed away from her, and maybe find someone else to replace Sarah instead, that is, if he really wanted to dump her?

Emma. What can I say? I couldn’t say it was exactly her fault. I mean, she may already have been damaged, and maybe she just wanted to be heard, or maybe belong, but seriously? Did she really think “stealing boyfriends” would get the people from school to like her more? Maybe they would just leave her alone if she didn’t act so pathetic in front of these guys she’s hooked up with. It would be cruel to say that she did it to herself, but then I couldn’t exactly say she didn’t ask for it.

A more mature person would, perhaps, try to understand Emma’s case more. The fact that she was actually seeing a therapist is one thing that says there’s really something wrong with her. Why was she acting like that? Why did she have to transfer from school to school? But all of them were teenagers. They were kids, so what they really needed after all was, guidance from elder people. Thing is, not all of them were given the chance to speak for themselves. Emma died, she killed herself, so she’s become this pathetic, innocent pretty girl that everybody bullies. Nobody ever tried to sit for one minute and think, hey, maybe Emma did something to them too. But the fact that she was always on her own made it appear that she was the victim, and the rest were all to blame. But to me, one thing is clear. IT WAS HER CHOICE.


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