Welcome October!

I can’t believe it’s already October! The days just slipped away without me to notice. Now I feel like I’ve been cheated. LOL!

Okay, so I still have 92 days before 2014 ends, and my to-list for this year hasn’t been accomplished yet. Hmm, sounds like a lot to do for me, but I’ll go see if the universe will conspire for me to be able to achieve it (sounds like Paulo Coelho!).

  1. noli me tangere the operaSeeing an actual opera. The tickets to the Noli me Tangere: The Opera were already within my reach last month. Thing I wasn’t really fit, physically (and emotionally) to see the play.
  2. Witness a town festival. Is it too late for me to plan for the Sagada Festival of Lights in November? I guess not. But then, I guess it’s more convenient to attend the festival of a nearby town. Angono’s having the Higantes Festival this November.
  3. Dine at an authentic foreign restaurant. Cyma is just within reach, and I’ll be reaching for that authentic Mediterranean cuisine.
  4. Have a picnic. Alright, alright. A grassy field is just thirty minutes away from here (home), so why can’t I have the time to have it done? >.<

I don’t think four is too much for three months, it maybe just enough. It makes me pretty excited to spend the remaining of 2014 though. Especially when the soft cool evening breeze of the late October and the entire November touches my cheeks and gives me that familiar feeling of wanting to smile just for the sake of it. And a thought would suddenly come… “Hey! It’s Christmas!”


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