Things I’ve Learned From The Probability of Miracles

The Probability of Miracles is one of the books that Goodreads has recommended to me. I trusted the site’s judgment, and I ended up turning the pages of this book before I even read the teaser. Was it a good decision? I thought at first, no. But I didn’t encourage my boredom. I continued turning the pages, and I am just as thankful that I did. It gave me a lot of things to think about.

TPOMCampbell, the main character, and I, have things in common. For starters, we are both sick. Although mine is not as deadly as Campbell’s, I’ve had episodes when it felt like it would be the last, and next would be death. The agonizing wait of that moment of doom is almost tangible, that sometimes, it would be most understandable for some to lose hope.

  1. The Flamingo List. I did my list because I thought time was running out. I wanted to make the most out of my life. And even though most items on my list are not yet checked, I could say that I’ve tried, at the very least, to live.
  2. Let the universe unfold itself to you. Cam’s list was fulfilled without her even trying. The events came and unfolded themselves in front of her, in the way that she didn’t even realize, except maybe her item number one (you have to read the book to find out).
  3. Little things can be considered a miracle. At least, this is what Perry, Cam’s little sister believed. It’s actually the small things like, a random cute guy offers a place to stay, or making friends in a strange place that will make you smile. In my experience, if I would just look at all the things that I could be thankful for in a day, it would certainly outnumber the bad things.
  4. The Best Next Day. Thinking about a good day that’s coming is very helpful in immediate recovery. One may say that we should live one day at a time, but the thought a brighter and a promising tomorrow would never fail to drag you from despair. It’s as if to say, this too, shall pass.
  5. Believe. This is the most important thing of all. Believe. Miracles do happen if you are determined to witness one, and believe it so.
  6. Hope is a reward upon itself. This is a truth to be told. Hope is something that we acquire every time we believe that something is going to actually happen.

Campbell was so skeptical about miracles and universe conspiracy before, until she finds herself hoping and believing. And of course, what could be more miraculous than finding your one true love a midst your darkest hour?


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