Of Transitions and Changes and of Dreams Coming True

Out of the blue, I decided to update my blog. Not just the daily posts, but I overhauled it. From the theme to the URL. Why? Maybe because I wanted to be taken more seriously this time. LOL!

Seriously, I just wanted to do the transition. Being Ms. Understood has been me for so long, I guess it started since I was in college. I would not want to go into details anymore, on as to why I decided to call myself that way, but as time flew by, I find it more and more immature and a bit, well, ridiculous. But it’s not that I am leaving my old self entirely. See, I still have chosen a theme that would definitely show the kikay side of me. I think that part will never be rubbed off me, ever.

Dreams Do Come True

I’ve been waiting for the right time to spill the good news that I have received just last month. It took me days to finally settle and have this awesome blessing sink in, and well, believe that it’s actually true. So now, since it’s been almost a month, I guess I am ready to share my very own moment of triumph.

dreamsI am publishing a book.

It’s been a very long time since I have been writing for myself. I never had the courage to share my works to anyone. However, this time, I decided to lose the site of the shore, leave my comfort zone, and see if what I am doing is really worth sharing to others. This time, it was proven worthy. I had to muster all the strength in me, to fight off laziness and occasional doubts. I’ve proven to myself that writing a manuscript is such a very big challenge, let alone completing it and submitting it for evaluation. But all the anxiety paid off, when I heard that momentous ping on my phone, as I received the email saying that my novel has been approved and is about to be published.

I cannot say anything much about it for now, since I am still waiting for the contract and some other paperworks from the publishers. Thing is, they already gave me their word that my story will be published. I couldn’t say thank you enough to them, and to my Big Man above, for giving me this wonderful gift amidst my challenges and condition. This is another milestone for me that I will be forever thankful for.

Stay tuned for more news and info regarding my book. 🙂


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