Lies My Girlfriend Told Me and the Reasons Why I Read LGBT Books

LMGTMTalk about feeling betrayed. As Alix’s girlfriend, Swanee, died of cardiac arrest, she discovers a lot of things that Swanee lied to her about, including the mysterious text messages to Swanee’s cell. While Alix is in the midst of her grief, she meets Liana, perhaps the most painful yet beautiful lie that Swanee has ever done to her.

I am not gay. I have a lot of friends that are gays and lesbians, though, and reading LGBT books helps me understand them better. But I am not even about to grab all the available LGBT books out there, because honestly, it’s Julie Anne Peter’s works that has always been leaving a lot of impact with me. It was even an accident that I read Luna, the novel the made me read her other works.

The Choice of Words

The choice of words are really superb, like I am reading someone’s journal (since it’s always first person POV). It’s not like she’s really using these unusual words or what, but she uses languages that most people, especially the young readers would be able to understand and relate to. Thing is, I am always forced to write down some words since most of them are really “quotable”. I have this little black book full of quotes from books I’ve read, and it has a lot of Peter’s quotable prose.

Oops, there are some books missing!
Oops, there are some books missing!

Relate to Real Life

Her works imitates life too closely, and I feel like I am one of her characters. May it be Daelyn Rice [By the Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead] who live on cyberspace and always keeps to herself, Holland Jaeger [Keeping You A Secret] who always have to live up to expectations, or Mike Szabo [Far From Xanadu] who can’t quite get over and lives in the past. Not only the words make me feel exactly how the characters must have felt, but also the situation they’re into. There is this realization that we sometimes take things as minimal, when it really has a big impact on some other people.

Guide Questions

Probably one of my favorite parts, guide questions are actually questions that I could reflect upon. Did some of the situations in the story happen to me in the past? What would I have done? Just like I’ve mentioned, we have different perspectives as to how big or small the impact of the situation is in our daily lives.

Too bad, as I have read that this book [Lies my Girlfriend Told Me] will be the last novel that Julie Anne Peters would publish. Even so, it’s great that even she has decided to be an author, for there a lot of readers that she was able to help. I am sure of that.

Because I am one of them.


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