If He Had Been With Me

15835031I could no longer remember what brought me to read this book. It must have been a recommendation from Goodreads, or I was just simply intrigued by the title and the front cover. If He Had Been With Me reminded me of Lola and the Boy Next Door, This is a Love Story, and My Beautiful Failure effectively. The novel was painfully long, filled with unnecessary scenes and details that it took me two nights to finish it.

The Boy Next Door

I don’t really understand what is so romantic about falling in love with someone you grew up with, living next door to you. If what I have mentioned in my review of Lola and the Boy Next Door was true, it was most probably because I personally felt and experienced it [though my own ending was a bit bitter! Hahaha]. Anyway, stories of boy next door love affairs are becoming quite a trend in my reading list, I am tempted to post the poem I’ve written back for MY Boy Next Door.


No, I couldn’t be possibly be in love with him. Though I haven’t read this exact words in the book, this kind of denial was so palpable in this novel that I could almost taste it. The beating around the bush went on and on that it almost got me bored, and before I knew it, I was in the last few pages when Autumn finally admits to herself that she loved Finny.

The Shocking Ending

Okay, I never really expected that ending. Although it was already hinted in the first chapter, I became so hooked-up with how Autumn narrated the history of her romance with Finn. I should say that ending, being not as sensational as it is supposed to be, is the kind of “beautiful sad” that Autumn talks about.

School kids would definitely enjoy this story. It also talked about how can friendships be complicated at times and how love can be damaging and dangerous. Although I wouldn’t recommend it to be read at night, unless you really want to doze off.


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