Liberation and Service

Being a myasthenia gravis patient is tougher than anyone could ever imagine. Ever since I was diagnosed and felt its symptoms, there are a lot of things that I can no longer do, things that I used to enjoy.

Two days ago, I went to one of the biggest hospitals in Manila (yes, that’s the Philippine General Hospital), and luckily, I was able to talk to the chief consultant of the Neurosciences department. I discussed with her, together with four other med graduating students, my experiences for the past two years and she discussed with me my options regarding treatment. I braced myself, for I knew it was coming. The best possible treatment [and cure] would be thymectomy.

The PGH Out Patient Department: This place strongly reminds me of my one of my old university's quadrangles.
The PGH Out Patient Department: This place strongly reminds me of one of my old university’s quadrangles.


So, I’ve been thinking about that option, and so with the help of today’s gospel, I was able to think clearly. One of the women who followed Jesus is one of my favorite bible characters, Mary Magdalene. Her faith was so astounding that even if her sickness has no known cure, she just decided to go to Jesus to listen, be healed and serve Him. Nowadays, of course, there would be other means for the Lord to help His people be cured. And though I could just wait for the day when my thymoma miraculously vanishes, maybe meeting the chief consultant of a famous hospital is a very good sign that I should indeed take advantage of the beat healing option laid before me.


Liberation and ServiceHow can we be of service if we are not totally liberated? Indeed, my means of helping other people will be totally limited if I would always be in the confines of my condition. It has always been my plan to serve other people, maybe through volunteer social work (picking up children in the streets will be very much welcome!) or serving the parish once again (I used to be a Youth and Evangelization minister). Now, I believe that all I have to do is keep my faith, and make it deeper, and believe that all will be well after the surgery.

I haven’t spoken with mu doctor regarding my decision, and so I am counting the days before my next appointment. I’ll keep you posted as to what happens next, so subscribe now! It’s absolutely free.


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