Throwback Books

IMG_20140910_104516It’s raining mercilessly, and I love it. There’s something about the loneliness that’s brought by the rain that makes me feel so calm and contented. Anyway, it’s not the rain that I want to talk about, but a certain memory of long ago that happened while it was raining so hard.

Book hunting.

I know it’s a bit insane. I could’ve just stayed at home and enjoyed cups of coffee as I sit by the window sill of my room watching the rain while That’s What She Said of the Backstreet Boys is playing on the background. But no. I went out, with my Converse sneakers and hoodie and searched for books. It was unusually raining in April, and I went to buy the books as a gift to myself on my birthday.

I won’t be talking about how many bookstores I went into just to find what I was looking for. I’ll just go straigh into talking about the novels I bought.

Eleanor Rigby

Probably one of my all-time favorite books. My life used to be like that of Liz Dunn’s (the story’s main character). Loneliness is everywhere. But it was beyond overwhelming that happiness in the future was actually coming from the past that you tried so hard to forget. As Liz tried to live her life in a solitude, an unexpected person from her past comes in to the scene. I wanted this book because it wasn’t just a good story or was relatable to my past life, but it was also one of my favorite Beatles song.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

The only novel I’ve read by Mark Haddon. It is about this boy with special need, who also happens to be a math wiz! I am no expert hen it comes to.psychology, but I sure have read somewhere that children with special needs tend to have an expertise. Anyway, this novel is written in the first person narrative, which was the boy, and he tells a story about his own investigation as to who have killed their neighbor’s dog and why. And as he digs deeper into the case, he discovers a secret that his dad has tried to protect from him. The book shows that these kind of children is not like what most of us think. They are incredibly witty and logical, in a simple way. Thing is, after I finished it, I had a very good and improved idea about children with special needs.

These are just two books among the many others in my bookshelf that I can read over and over again. I am still wondering ’till now, if I should make a review of all the books I’ve read. What do you think? πŸ™‚


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