Writing is Fun!

Writing is FunMy days have been awfully quiet, except maybe when I did the review of Lola and the Boy Next Door. College students have been keeping me busy. The kids needed Filipino short stories, on top of the endless things college kids are oh-so busy about. I was a bit reluctant at first. It felt like I was spoiling them, making their money work to fulfill some requirements so they could get their ticket to the real world. But then again, I argued with myself for a moment. Maybe I was really doing them a favor. I was a college kid once, and I perfectly understand what it was like to meet deadlines, as if the end of the world was chasing me. And I needed the cash so I could start this another project that I have in mind (I’ll blog about the project soon! :-)).

So the task was, to write six or seven romance short stories. I never knew until then that I could possibly write three different stories in a day! Was it challenging? Yes. Not only because I have to think of different plots, but I also have to write in a way that the product could likely be a work of a college kid. It also required me to encode as much, and though these are definitely my good days, MG patients tend to get tired easily (thank God for small favors). Was it rewarding? Definitely. It gave me a chance to prove myself, and I considered it as a way of helping these young people. Was it enjoyable? Of course! I love writing, and therefore it was a pleasure to do it. I am actually considering it a business! (just kidding!)
I still have some stories here, and I was thinking of posting them here for the world to enjoy. 🙂 What do you think?


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