Reasons Why Sir You’re Hot is Nostalgic

IMG_20140823_164829I read this book out of curiosity. People were talking about it that it became one of the sensational stories in Wattpad. Add the fact that the writer is a dear friend to me – oops, did I just say that?

Okay, I told myself I won’t be giving a review of this book. But my fingers are twitching to hit my keyboard and my mind stubbornly goes back to that time when all I could do right now is just smile and shake my head because of shame and disgust towards myself (hey, a girl grows up, you know?). Anyway, I do not particularly disagree with student-teacher love affair, but I don’t agree with it either, morally speaking. Anyway, I could have enjoyed the story more if Railey and Rebecca didn’t reach that let’s-just-enjoy-this-feeling stage and the condo unit visits. The story might be more of a catch for me (and therefore more nakakakilig) if they just kept their relationship purely student-teacher, and saved their romance later, when Rebecca graduates.

But what makes the book interesting to me is the fact that I can see myself in the scenes as I turn its pages. It made me go back to my college days, forcing me to conjure the memories that I’ve kept in the forgotten area of my head, nostalgically.

Mr. Charming Professor. For my own personal safety, I won’t mention my professor’s name, and I won’t post our photo (yes I have a picture with him). Anyway, it was a Monday morning and I was late for my first class, and so when entered my assigned classroom where the sophomores were still chattering, I felt relieved. It never crossed my mind that the guy standing in front, talking not so animatedly to the student was, well, our professor. He looked like an engineering student who was campaigning for the student government – with his plaid shirt, jeans and sneakers!

The fans club. Yes! Of course there was nothing official in our campus. But you could conclude that a celebrity just arrived upon the sight of some girls flocking right down the corridor. My professor wasn’t really that hot (his eyes were adorable, though), but the way he talks in class, and the way he smiles whenever he asks our opinion about the lesson made him adorable, in a way.

Debate team.I became the president of our college’s debate society by default (as I remember, nobody else ran for the post!), and it was indeed time consuming. Time consuming in a way that we had support every activity of the college’s student council, and conduct fund raising projects to finance our projects. And though we didn’t have Mr. Charming Professor as the team’s adviser, we had our argumentation professor (who incidentally was my favorite of all) agreed to fill the post.

The gang. Back in college, there were also four of us who are constantly together – in group works, thesis, field research, interviews and all of the whatnots of the oh-so-busy college life. And though I was the only one among us four who qualified to be in Mr. Charming Professor’s fan club, thankfully, I wasn’t the irregular gal.

College life. Of course! The seemingly endless research work, going in and out of the school library, the regular visits to the municipal library, computer print outs of term papers and reaction papers, student council meetings, chasing for the feeling-we’re-in-Hollywood professors, cramming, memorization of the Philippine Constitution, mentally taking notes of the terms and definitions of the International Law (just to name a few) seem to enough to drive me mad all those school girl days. But I miss them all, terribly. I miss the “cafeteria by-standings”, the never ending exchange of thought regarding Rizal’s life and works, interviews with the politician, the frequent visit to the House of Reps, even the friendly arguments. I guess nothing beats the enjoyment of being a student.

I couldn’t say much more, except for it was a short but fun read. The story of some person from whom you’ll learn how to use lipstick over crayons and pencils. Good job!


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