Know God’s Dream For You

When I was a kid, I said I wanted to be a lawyer. I was so moved by this Pinoy action movie Bukas Bibitayin si Itay. At a young age I was already aiming to fight injustice and distortion of law. But things went different a few years later. I discovered something about myself when I became one of the school publication’s staffwriter. I realized I wanted to write, and it became my passion. I wrote fan fictions and love poems as a teenager, and aimed to be a journalist so that I can bring truth to the public.

Years went by, and I was able to take a pre-law course in college. A point in my life came when I didn’t really k ow what I want to do in life, as a career. But, the older and the more mature me realized a lot of things. I never really wanted to mess up with the law and its complexity. I never really wanted to be a part of the media, who can sometimes be fooled as to what really is the truth. All I wanted to do is to write, and help other people the best way I can.

But, are those really the things that God wanted me to do?


Yes. How did I know? Well, apart from the fact that most of the happenings in my life right now are opportunities in fulfilling these two things, Bro. Bo Sanchez’s book, How to Know If Your Dreams are God’s Dreams just made it quite right.

The book tackles about different kinds of dreams. Dreams that all of us wanted to achieve, goals in life that all of us wanted to reach. It guided me as to how would I know what is it that God wants me to do, and what is my purpose of existence. What are the things about me that I should pay attention with and the things that I should just leave as it is.

I am a no reader of non-fiction inspirational, but this one made me do so. A light read, yet meaty and deep.


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