Loyalty Has Its Rewards

I am the kind of customer who would go back to your shop, that is, when I am satisfied with the product I bought, or if I was treated with excellent customer service. I think I got this kind of attitude because I lived seven years of my life providing customer service, as excellent as I could. Anyway, it’s a good news for the kind of customers like me if the shop we always go to has a sort of loyalty rewards program.

I immediately availed of this loyalty rewards program that I was offered the last time I bought books from National Bookstore. Since I read a lot, and customer service is always willing to find me the books that I look for, being enrolled in the Laking National loyalty rewards program has a very huge advantage. I remember I used to be enrolled in this program, and I was able to get two to three books without paying anything and Β just by using my accumulated points.

PhotoGrid_1408608598542You can also take advantage of this loyalty rewards program in just three simple steps.

  1. Go to customer service of any National Bookstore branch and fill out the Laking National card enrollment form.
  2. Go to Cashier, present the form and pay Php100.
  3. Go back to customer service and wait for a few minutes for your card to be issued.

Just always bring your card with you, and present it upon purchase transaction of any items from National Bookstore. One peso purchase is equivalent to one point. Once you accumulated 1,000 points, that is Php10 to your E-purse!

So if you are based in the Philippines and a book lover just like me, this is a very great deal. Visit any National Bookstore branch now, get your card and be rewarded for loyalty.


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