The Angelus

I’d never forget that funny yet embarrassing afternoon back in my high school days (well, I think high school life is oozing with embarrassing moments! :-D) As the clock struck twelve and the nearby St. John Cathedral’s bell went to life, our catechist started to pray the Angelus. Having been raised by a catechist (yes, my mom is), I already learned the prayer when I was younger. And so we prayed.

And so our catechist led the prayer. When she said “Behold the handmade of the Lord…”

The whole class answered. “And dwelled among us.”

I frowned. I doubted myself and more. Why? Because we’re seniors and in the pilot class, and so I supposed we knew the prayer. I was the only one who mouthed “be it done to me according to thy word.” I saw the disappointment in our catechist’s face. I bet she was thinking the same as I was. It was a big deal, for I am sure the more than half of the population in that class are Catholics. I think it is important for us of the same faith to know more about what we believe spiritually.

And so what is Angelus? It is a Catholic prayer, actually more of a devotion, being said three times a day – at 6 am, noon and 6pm. This recalls the Incarnation – the Catholic belief that the second person of the Trinity was made flesh by being conceived in Mary’s womb (it is basically Jesus Christ as God and man). When it is prayed, it is usually accompanied by the church’s ringing bell, as a call to prayer.

Angelus is by far one of my favorite Catholic devotion. It shows just how Mary was willing to just say “yes” to God. If we will read in the gospel of Luke 1:26-39, it is indeed the story of the Annunciation, when Angel Gabriel told Mary that she will become pregnant and give birth to a Son.

The Power of YES.

The power of Yes

Just imagine if Mary didn’t say YES to God. Then there would be no Jesus Christ. He who redeemed the world, He who saved us from our sins. There would be no Messiah. But since Mary said “yes”, we are saved. Just a simple word, and yet, it changed everything.

I’ve yet to write about the Rosary too, as it played a significant part in my survival (if you want to know the story, you can read about it here). But since I have some personal issues about saying yes, I realized that the gospel of Luke about Mary saying yes would be a good reflection. And I am praying that somehow, I could end up in deciding a “good yes.”

Pray the Angelus too.

Let us help our young Catholic fellas learn how to pray this Marian devotion. I created a downloadable booklet-type copy of Angelus for kids – all in full color. If you are interested, you can visit my Downloads page or just click here.

May God bless us all.


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