Love Who You Are

The reason why I don't have a big make-up collection is simple: I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO A PROPER MAKE-UP.
The reason why I don’t have a big make up collection is simple: I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO A PROPER MAKE-UP.

I am 28, and I’ve worked for seven years. Perhaps, you could say that I am a fully grown woman. But despite my age and my experience, I have to admit – I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO A PROPER MAKE-UP. It may not be the world’s greatest revelation, but I guess it’s a big deal for us women. The only thing I’ve learned quite perfectly is how to apply eyeliner and mascara, for a lot of people say that those two do wonders in my eyes. Yes. I have beautiful eyes, especially if they are emphasized by make-up. But what is the reason behind putting up make-up? Why do a lot of women go gaga over make-ups? Is it to look more beautiful and enhance the beauty that is already there, or to hide the imperfections?

I have a lot of girlfriends who are crazy not only over make-up, but also over gym, skipping meals, eating good food, avoiding carbs and chocolates, girdles, and everything that has to do with losing weight and maintaining a “to die for” figure. Don’t get me wrong. I am not against these stuff. I mean, again, I am also a woman and I understand just how much self-confidence can be acquired by looking good. People, especially guys, tend to like us more just because we look stunning. Things is, we are sometimes forgetting the most basic factor of gaining love and respect from other people. That is loving who and what you are.

What you think about yourself shows. If you feel like you are pretty, and is confident about it, then people around you would see that you are, indeed, pretty. I am not talking about the over-confident-I-am-so-pretty-and-I know-it type of thing. What I am saying is, God created all things beautiful. We are all God’s creation, and therefore we are all beautiful. All that we have to do is believe. And it will show.

Always be positive. Positivity attracts happiness, and when you are happy, it shows too. Based on my own experience, the happier I am, the more people say I look blooming. J So what if you’re fat? At least you’ve got big boobs. So what if you’re too skinny? At least you’ve got the makings of a ramp model. Positivity is a very good thing, I’ve come to realize. It makes you happy, and feel good about yourself. Not only that, it is also contagious.

Stop comparing yourself to other people. You’d never achieve that confidence you’ve been chasing if you continue to look at other people and compare them with yourself. Every one of us is created uniquely, that means each of us is different. You would just end up disappointed with yourself, worse, you’d end up with a lot of insecurities.

Don’t mind what other people say or think about you. Sometimes, if you are too much cheerful, you’d end up being misunderstood by other people who don’t know anything but look at other’s flaws. Again, I am talking about experience. Don’t mind them! These are insecure people. Sooner or later, they would realize that your being cheerful is exactly what they envy about you. J

Love who you are, what you are. I am beautiful and blessed by God, therefore I love myself. That is my mantra every morning I open my eyes. No kidding! I am sick (and still jobless for the moment), yet God has given me another day to see His wonder. Thing is, I love writing, and so I blog. I love reading, and so I try to share the joy that I find in it. Writing and reading describes me, and so I show my love about them by trying to share it to other people.

If you love yourself, you’d also get other people to love and respect you. Not only that, you would also have the desire to share this love to other people. I am not saying that I am the most confident person in the world. I still have a lot of insecurities, and God knows just how much. But I try not to deal with them because I don’t want to end up in self-pity. Anyway, if you have any suggestions about doing a proper make-up, maybe you’d like to share them with me. J

Inspired by Bro. Bo Sanchez’s Soul Food.


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