“For some women, perfume is a necessity. For others, it’s just a luxury,” says my philosophy professor in college. I’ve got no idea if he quoted someone in that, or it was just his own thought. Either way, I guess this is partly true. Perfume, has become a part of vanity and lifestyle among the many, and not only women. I, personally am not that confident on days when I haven’t worn one (though my overall confidence level doesn’t  rely on that alone). But do we really need to spend that much just to appear, or should I say, smell good?

I decided to update my scent just the other day. Since my stash already runs low, and honestly, Victoria’s Secret isn’t really me, I went to look for something that would suit my personality and lifestyle. I used to be your typical jeans and t-shirt girl, and even now that I am fond of denim miniskirts and shorts, my laidback personality is still here. And so I concluded I don’t need anything fancy. A body splash, or a cologne would just be fine.

And so I found these two scents from Penshoppe. Nothing fancy, just your typical everyday cologne. These were an excellent solution to what I was looking for. Not too common (since none of my friends are using them), not too fancy and not too expensive. Both sweet smelling, they’re a perfect definition of what kind of woman I really am.



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