Rainy Day Project

They say creative people easily get bored. Well, I say that sometimes, when you are bored, your creative juices are stirred up. That is usually what happens with me as I get tired of all the monotony of my day to day things.

So, anyway. Since, it’s pouring outside and I’ve got no way to get out of the house, I decided to get started with a project. I collected empty beer bottles from my boyfriend’s apartment weeks ago, and I’ve been scavenging my room for pastel colored papers. I’ve always liked to do crafts from craps (if you know what I mean), convert trash into something useful. And so now, I got started with my “stars in the bottle”.


Well, as soon as I got around to capturing the step by step on how to do it, I’m gonna share it with you guys. I am actually thinking of selling them, and help streetkids with the proceeds. What are the odds that this would be a hit? Any thoughts?


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