Way to Glory

Imagine Christmas is just a few days away. You’re all excited to give out the gifts you’ve wrapped all day and night. And you are in the tedious process of planning for the menu for Christmas dinner. Then all of a sudden, someone tells you that Christmas is cancelled. How would you feel?

If it was an incurable disappointment, I bet Peter felt just the same when Jesus told him and the other apostles that Jesus has to enter Jerusalem and suffer in the hands of the Jews. Didn’t Jesus just tell them that He is the Messiah? He is the promised Savior. How could God’s promise be fulfilled if He was going to suffer? How could He possibly be the King of kings if He was going to be killed?

However, in today’s gospel, Jesus says that it is actually the part of God’s plan, in order to fulfill His promise. He must suffer and die and resurrect in order for Him to save us from our sins. He even addresses Peter as Satan, when Peter expressed his incomprehension with regard to Jesus’ passion.

This tells us that there is no easy way towards glory. Most of us (including me) anticipate that bed of roses in a swift manner. We would start complaining when the road is rough, and when it feels like everything is falling apart. What we’ve got to understand is that, no matter how hard life must be, no matter how desolate our nights are, there would always be relief and warmth right after, in God’s glory.


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