The Walkers Are Coming

What if you wake up one morning, in an unfamiliar room, and had no recollection of how you got in there? Then you get out, and all you see is chaos. No one to talk to, lines of communications are dead, you’re on your own.

Six days of home confinement due to cough and colds that seem to never go away made me rummage through my brother’s vast DVD collection. Sure, I’m into some boy movies, and so I just couldn’t understand why I ended up playing Walking Dead. It’s been quite a long time when people first talked about it, but I guess it’s never too late to talk about what’s on my mind regarding the series.

It’s hope against hope. It must be so hard to keep yourself together in the middle of the crazy. But Rick, one of the main characters, remained absolutely positive that he would still be able to see his family, even the possibility of them being alive and safe is almost zero.

Possibilities. They are there. Rick finally finds his wife, Lori, and son, Carl, with a group of survivors, an unlikely reunion after more than half of the population has been completely wiped out. However, a lot of possibilities are just waiting out there to be grabbed.

Options maybe few, yet you are still left with a choice. “You don’t get people to care about you then just sign off when you feel like it,” says the old man who was with them (I forgot his name! Ist it Dale?) to the blonde Andrea. As the last CDC survivor tells them the destruction of the facility, they were left with choices, either to die right there, or walk away and face the world of danger and violence. They could have chosen death, a seemingly sensible choice, rather than live in uncertainty and fear. But they took their chances. Who knows, the world might restore itself and they could once again live in it, in its former grandeur.

There’s always a good side in all the bad things happening. Despite the loss, the continuous fight for life and safety, the uncertainty, the nights’ sleep with one eye open, good things are still out there. Who would have hoped that there would still be a doctor to treat Carl after he’s been shot? Not only that, but he survives. Glenn falls in love with Maggie, a gift of child is given to Lori. They have found their refuge, maybe temporarily, but it showed them that living a normal life was still possible.

I haven’t started on Season 4 yet, but I know what I saw is enough for me to write about. It wasn’t just a zombie series, like I thought, full of wild imagination of what the world must look like by the end of it. As I see it, it’s all about hope and survival, and how things sometimes happen in favor of us.

Once I’ve finished with Season 4, I’ll write about it too. Please don’t spoil it for me.


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