The Man of Faith

It’s not that I necessarily liked the waters, but the beaches always proved to be my perfect refuge. Once in a while, I used to go to the beach, sit on the sand, and listen to the gentle waves, which sound like the snores of an enormous sleeping creature. But that’s all I’ve got to do when I’m on the beach. Just sit and relax, wade and let the waters touch my toes and my feet. All because I can’t swim.

That’s most probably why today’s gospel impacted me differently. Jesus was walking on the water, and his disciples were terrified, thinking that he was a ghost. Why are people scared of ghosts? Isn’t it wonderful to see your loved one once again after he or she has departed earth? Well, maybe it’s because the thing we see is no longer that loved one of ours who once lived with us.

But, what struck me the most in this gospel is the undeniable faith of Peter. Sure, he doubted, and he started sink while he was on the water. But he was the only one who had the courage to ask Jesus to command him to walk on the water as well. Why? I think it’s because he knew that Jesus, being the Lord would be able to do anything, even the impossible. When he doubted, it must have implied that not all the followers of Jesus have that strong faith in Him. Sometimes, we are lost, especially when the juncture we are in makes us think that God has a strange sense of humor. Our faith decreases, sometimes it’s gone, just like what happened to Peter in the gospel.

But God has always been merciful and forgiving. He never failed to give unlimited chances to all of us. To prove our faith in Him, and to prove ourselves to be worthy of the eternal life He promised for us all. Hey, I just came back to prove His love.

Always have faith.


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