Be A Blessing

When my phone rings and see the name of a certain girlfriend flashing through the screen, I always have a moment or two of hesitation. Not because she’s my least favorote friend or anything, it’s just that I often grow tired of hearing old stories from her. Stories about her problems with her boyfriend, or about the guy that she can’t quite get over with. Same old stuff. Sometimes, I just want to tell her to just have it done with. For I have my own problems to worry about. I have my own fears and pain.

This is what I suddenly remembered when I heard today’s gospel. Jesus, upon hearing about what happened to John the Baptist, He went out and searched for a secluded place to be by Himself. He must have wanted to be all alone, pray for John’s death (John was his cousin, after all). When the people have heard of it though, they went out and followed Him. Now, Jesus, instead of sending them away so He could, maybe brood over upon His cousin’s death, He showed compassion to these people, healed the sick, and even gave them food to eat.

It’s hard, most of the time, to follow the lead of Jesus. We can’t just mind your own business. We can’t just not care about other people simply because we are too tired of our own worries. I realized that, I may not have tangible things to share with my friends, but I can spare some time to listen to them, and let them unload the heaviness they feel inside. I may not be able to give them brilliant solutions to their problems, but I can tell them to talk to God through prayers to show them some light. It must be the most brilliant solution after all.

We may not be able to notice it most of the time, but life is full of blessings. Let us not forget to share what we have. We can always be a blessing to others, as we are being blessed by God.


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