My Best Struggle

He [God] accepts what we give to Him anyway and transforms it to become the best. – Bro. Bo Sanchez

It may last me more than seven lifetimes to forget that ordeal I’ve gone through which happened the previous year. God has put me into the ultimate test of faith, and I nearly surrendered. I couldn’t say that I am one of the most faithful – as I have mentioned in my story, my faith was like a tiny ray of light, a crack in the dark. It was too little to be proud of.

But God must have transformed this minuscule of faith that I have into something big, enormous enough for me to be saved from the claws of death. He even showed me that I am truly loved, despite of me feeling so alone and abandoned most of the time. And so I lived, to tell the tale of how I found Him once again, and to even write this blog.

He must have been laughing from heaven, while I ask Him to forgive me because of what little faith I had. I mean, didn’t He say that a faith, even the size of a mustard seed can move mountains? And there I was crying, feeling so low because I didn’t trust Him the way I thought I should.

I lived, most probably because He wanted me to do something for Him. I survived, maybe because He wanted me to tell everyone just how He loves everyone of us. Or perhaps, He simply wanted me to struggle again for the best, and make my faith bigger.

Inspired by Bro. Bo Sanchez’s Soul Food.


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