With Great Power Comes Great Humility

Authority figures often are looked at as somebody to be followed, served and even feared. They tend to have a lot of things in their hands – money, power, your future and even your life. In this world where we currently live, we are surprised that some of the leaders we put in the seat are full of greed and deceit. What does a good leader look like? How should a good leader treat his people?

I just found out the answers simply by reading through today’s gospel. As James and John’s mother asks Him to place her sons to His either sides, Jesus clearly described the hierarchy in the kingdom that He built for us. Those who would like to be placed in the important seats shall be a servant. Jesus, the greatest model of leaders, did just that, by sacrificing Himself on the cross. The responsibility of a leader does not end in creating rules and imposing them. The greater part of it, I guess, is the service that the he or she is doing among his or her subjects. But then, not only the leaders are responsible for such humility. All of us are made for service, and therefore, Jesus’ example of humility extends to all of us.

…whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant… Matthew 20:26


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