Fab Finds Paradise

I am not a shopping freak, although a girl me makes my palms itch to splurge on some fabulous items that would fill my closet. As I grew up to be a young lady, I was always happy with jeans and shirts and sneakers. However, as I my age ripens, I decided that I somehow have to update the clothes I wear.

This isn’t the perfect time to update my closet, but one could agree with me on impulse buying (I think it’s common with girls). A friend told me about this clothes bazaar (tiangge) near our place, and so I raided it with five hundred bucks burning a hole in my pocket.

To my surprise, therr are lot of things to choose from. From dresses to blouses and shirts and shorts, it was indeed, a fab finds paradise. I found a cute printed button-up sleeveless blouse – it was one that really caught my eye, a matching shorts and a strap dress. Mind, I didn’t overspend, but it was such a fabulous clothes shopping ever.



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