Blessing Overload

As a part of my conversion (although it’s really hard), I try to look for the positive side of a rather awful day. Well, today, is an exception, because despite the fact that I lost a certain amount of prepaid credits to this telco, I’m still blessing overloaded.

While having coffee, some folk knocked on the door, delivering a package of chocolates. He said it came from our friend priest wpid-c360_2014-07-23-08-38-25-480.jpgwho just came back recently from Italy. After my mother and I thanked the man, we opened the package. There were bars of chocolate, and some relics of St. John Calabria.
 It was unexpected, though my mom already mentioned that she was expecting the relics.

Still somewhat dazed by the chocolates (dark chocolates are my favorite) I went to stop by the healthcare store to buy a few things since my vanity kit already runs low. And I should say I have overspent, going over my planned budget for the shopping. Flashing ads of Buy One Take One products caught my eye, meaning, if I would take advantage of the offer, my toiletry supply would last more than month. I didn’t go wrong though, for as I pay for my purchases, the cashier was asking me what color of pouch would I want. Apparently I wpid-c360_2014-07-23-12-01-55-562.jpgwas entitled to receive this freebie, since I reached the required amount of purchases.

I went home with a smile on my face, a sign of a happy customer. A few hours later, my boyfriend arrived. He’s finally back in town after almost a week from  Calbayog City. When we talked over the phone, he said he wasn’t able to buy anything, though he surprised me with these sweets and the t-shirt.

Blessings aren’t labeled sometimes. There are moments when they speak right to your face just like they did to me this day, but then there are times it’s just in plain view. Even so, always be thankful for each day, because it’s another opportunity for us to receive further blessings from God.

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