Do Not Judge

It’s not that I am turning my back against Christianity, but I sincerely believe that religion is not compulsory. Again, I am not turning my back against my Catholic faith. I am, and I will always be a Catholic. But it is so sad to think and to accept that most of us Christians no longer live the life of being one. Being a Christian means following Christ’s example, of His boundless and unconditonal love for His friends, and His love of the Father. Believing Jesus Christ meant living a life according to His commandments of love and forgiveness, humility and total abandonment to God’s will. But I’ve come to expect differently from most of those who say that they believe in Christ. Most of them use Christianity to look morally superior among the many. Wasn’t this how the Pharisees were during the time of Christ? They thought they knew the Law and they were the only ones who would be redeemed because they thought that they followed the Law accordingly. They judged the tax collectors, the adulterers and the likes, thinking that they were not, in anyway, associated with such filth and scum. Where is love and forgiveness, if we continue to condemn the homosexuals? If we cannot respect them as the are, why can’t we respect them as people who are also sons and daughters of God? Where is humility if all we see is the fault of others and not our own? Jesus said on the Sermon on the Mount, “Do not judge”, so how come Alex Gonzaga could condemn those who do not believe in God? Is she already the righteous just because she believes in God?
May we not use our religion, especially God, as a sort of influence that could conceal or even delete our misdeeds in life. Let us prove that Christianity isn’t a dying case, but it is something that lives in our hearts, leading us to a life full of love and compassion towards our brothers and sisters, believers and not, sinners and saints. True, it is indeed difficult to follow the lead of Christ, but it should niot stop us from trying to do so.


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